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ESPRIT CAM Tutorials
An Interactive Training Add-In


ESPRIT CAM Tutorials - An Interactive Training Add-In

  • Complete ESPRIT CAM Software Training.
  • The Best ESPRIT Training System available.
  • Fastest and Easiest training to use.
  • Flexible! Use whenever you have time.
  • Ideal for new users.
  • Great for experienced user updates.
  • Interactive add-in works with ESPRIT!

ESPRITĀ® CAM Tutorials - Interactive Training Add-In is a self-paced, computer-based tutorial system created by Machine Tool Technology & Sales for people who use ESPRIT CAM software. It is a software add-in which runs within, and interacts with, ESPRIT CAM software and it displays live animations, tooltips, video clips and visual cues right on the ESPRIT screen to learn it faster and easier.

The ESPRIT CAM tutorials occupy just a fraction of the computer screen and the size is adjustable by the user so the tutorials are visible at the same time as the complete ESPRIT CAM window. No need to switch back-and-forth. And because it's an add-in, it interacts with the software to make learning easier.


We know different people learn in different ways. Some people prefer detailed cookbook descriptions, while others respond to graphics and pictures. Yet others like a "show me" presentation. The software training add-in uses all of these methods. This combination of media is like having a tutor sitting next to you, ready to point out what to do next! Need to see something again? Just click it and repeat as much as you want! No need to stop and rewind a long video.

Have a question? Just ask! As you progress through a lesson, you can click on icons in the tutorial which then trigger actions to occur in the ESPRIT window.

Just like in a web page, if you need more details about a particular term, item, or action, just click on it and immediately the tutorial will show you more. It might be an animation calling attention to the item in ESPRIT, maybe it will be a 30 second video clip with narration showing exactly what to do, or perhaps it will be a detailed explanation.

WHY USE ESPRIT Tutorials Interactive Training Add-In?

Because it's fast and easy! It's also effective and versatile. New users can get a head start on training while experienced users can review concepts or see new software features.

We know people can't always sit days or hours for training. They more likely have ten or twenty minutes at different times throughout a day. So we designed lessons that take just a few minutes to complete. Lessons are easy to review or repeat and users can take up where they left off.

A detailed index and glossary makes finding particular items a snap! Need to brush up on something? You can quickly locate that lesson and learn it in just a few minutes.


ESPRIT is "The most powerful CAM software ever" but only if you know how to unlock its power. And there is no better, faster or easier way to unlock that power than with ESPRIT CAM Interactive Tutorials from MTTS.

Anyone who uses ESPRIT CAM software needs to keep current with the newest updates and releases and there is no better, easier or faster way than with the Add-In. Managers will appreciate the flexibility it affords them in getting new employees up to speed quickly and with minimal scheduling conflicts. People are hired to get a job done and the Add-In can acomplish that goal faster and better.

Programmers can work update training into their schedule as time becomes available, on the spot! See how to use new software features or upgrades to your ESPRIT CAM systems immediately.